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Divorce Packets


Basic Information about the Packets 

  • Divorce packets are available in the Law Library, located in the lower level of the Central Library.
  • There is a $3 dollar charge per packet to cover printing costs.
  • Packets are available for divorces with or without minor children.
  • Packets include the necessary forms for an uncontested divorce. In special circumstances other forms may be required.
  • Packets are not mailed or emailed; however, does have free, online divorce forms.

Story of Collaboration

Like the Law Library itself, our divorce packets are the product of forward-thinking, inter-governmental and private collaboration among librarians, local attorneys, and court staff. Because the Michigan court system has no standard court-approved forms for divorce, the need for such basic forms is felt among citizens seeking uncontested divorces. The packets are not meant to replace situation-specific legal advice from a lawyer, but they do help hundreds of people every year.

Need Help?

The divorce packet has instructions on the basic steps in a divorce. But for detailed, step by step instructions we recommend The Michigan Divorce Book, by Michael Maran. We always have a copy to use in the Law Library, but check our catalog for copies that you can check out with your KPL library card. If you are still struggling, try attending the Family Law Assistance Clinic or an Ask a Lawyer. For custody and child support issues, the Friend of the Court Handbook is helpful (we have free copies). For general info,,, and have good articles.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can librarians help fill out divorce forms?

Librarians cannot fill out forms or give legal advice.

2. What is an uncontested divorce?

According to The Michigan Divorce Book, “if you and your spouse agree on all the divorce  issues, you have an uncontested divorce.”

3. Do both spouses have to agree to the divorce?

In Michigan, a divorce is granted even if one of the parties does not want the divorce. Before a divorce is granted, the court must find that there has been a breakdown in the marriage relationship to the extent that the parties cannot live together as husband and wife. At least one of the parties must appear in court to show that this breakdown exists (from Michigan Courts website).

4. Does the Law Library carry separation papers?

The Law Library does not carry packets with separation papers, but we do have resources with examples of separation agreements and separate maintenance. For more information about separate maintenance, stop by the Law Library.

5. How much does it cost to file for divorce?

The filing fee in the Kalamazoo County Courts is $150. Motion fees are $20. A fee waiver form is available at the Family Court on Gull Road for low-income individuals.

6. Where are divorce forms filed?

Kalamazoo County residents file for divorce at the Family Division of the Circuit Court, located at 1400 Gull Road. Residents must have lived 180 days in Michigan and 10 days in Kalamazoo County in order to file in Kalamazoo County.

7. Are your divorce packets online?

No, but does have free, online divorce forms. These forms are similar to ours, but not affiliated with the Law Library in any way.

8. What about mediation or “collaborative divorce?”­

Information and brochures on mediation is available in the Law Library.

9. What about hiring an attorney?

The Kalamazoo County Bar Association has a good directory on their website. The State Bar of Michigan has a Lawyer Referral Service. Also, in the Law Library we have the Michigan Bar Journal’s directory.