Lost… and Found!

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While sorting through some of our internal networks in search of files for a recent project, I ran across a terrific find. Last May, local shipwreck hunter and author Valerie van Heest gave an excellent program at Central Library called “Lost and Found: Shipwrecks of West Michigan.” During her 55 minute presentation, van Heest talked about the many vessels that have been lost in the waters off Michigan’s west coast, and provided an overview of the work her team has done over the past fifteen years to locate and document these wrecks. Valerie showed compelling images (both still and video) of what they’ve found, and provided fascinating insight into the discovery process itself.

KPL staff videotaped the program in May, but for whatever reason, the files were stored away and seemingly forgotten. With this new “discovery,” the program is now available in its entirety on KPL’s YouTube Channel, and linked along with the other Local History Video Presentations on the KPL website.

It was truly exciting to view Valerie’s program; itself once “lost and (now) found!”


Lost and Found: Shipwrecks of West Michigan

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