West Michigan from a New Angle

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Being a lifelong West Michigan resident, I was anxious for the arrival of Marge Beaver’s new book Above West Michigan: Aerial Photography of West Michigan. I really enjoyed her first book, Above the North: Aerial Photography of Northern Michigan, and assumed that photos of familiar areas would make it even better. I was not disappointed. The photos in this book are amazing but to my surprise, not particularly familiar. She has captured the beauty of West Michigan in every season, from lakes to urban areas, in totally unexpected ways. I particularly liked the way she brought bright splashes of color into many of the photos using objects like boats, rooftops, and even blankets. Pick up Above West Michigan from the new books shelf in the local history room or the non-fiction shelves on the second floor and thumb through it. I guarantee you will have to sit down and examine every page.


Above West Michigan

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