The Michigan What?

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When you visit the Local History Room, walk over to the shelf that has the 328s. There you will find a series of dark red, unassuming volumes that appear to be filled with useless information. How untrue that is! These books are known as the Michigan Manual and are published every two years by the State of Michigan pursuant to section 24.24 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, meaning it’s required by law. They are filled with a voluminous amount of information on such subjects as Michigan’s history and its government. It has information on all the statewide elected officials including the Representatives and State Senators and each of Michigan’s Departments listing all the members of various boards and commissions. You can get population numbers for each of our 83 counties, the voting results for the previous primary, special and general elections, the members of the constitution convention of 1961-62 and the names of the Michigan Asparagus Commission. For someone like me who teaches Michigan History, these books are amazing. The Local History Room has manuals on the shelves going back to 1925 and in storage ones dating back to 1861. So the next time you are in the Local History Room and don’t know what to do, pick up one of these books. Who knows what you might find.


Michigan Manual

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