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Kalamazoo has a Gargoyle?

Kalamazoo is fortunate to have many examples of outdoor sculpture throughout the community. In 1980, author Fay Hendry wrote three short books, with photographs by Balthazar Korab, looking at outdoor sculpture in Kalamazoo (H 730 H498), Grand Rapids (H 730 498.1) and Lansing (H 730 H498.2). Even though the books are 29 years old, there is a lot of good information on many pieces that are still around. It was one of the first books that had research on the panels found on the Zelinger House at the corner of S. Rose and Vine Streets. Of course being 29 years old, there are several pieces that are gone, in fact one, the statue of St. Augustine which more than likely was destroyed in the 1980 tornado which came right after these books were published. So where is our gargoyle? If you don’t know by now, check this book to find out.


Outdoor Sculpture in Kalamazoo
Lynn H