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Another Great Tool!

Genealogists know that no single resource has everything they need to trace their lineage. It can take thousands of individual records, documents, articles, etc. to get a full picture of just one branch of a family. That is why databases that pull together millions of historical records and materials are such fantastic tools for genealogists. KPL offers several wonderful databases for genealogical research including America’s Genealogy Bank that is brand new to us this week. With more than 32 million obituaries, 103 million newspaper articles (dating as far back as 1690), and full text of 11,700 historical books, local genealogists have another amazing resource right at their fingertips. AGB is even available for home access using your KPL library card number. So give our newest database a try. It may be just the tool you need to knock down a genealogical brick wall.


America's Genealogy Bank
Beth T