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As a bicycle commuter, who used to cross several lanes of Kalamazoo Avenue traffic in fear every time I rode to work, I’ve dreamed of visiting Davis, CA. Davis is one of three communities given top honors by the League of American Bicyclists, as a Bicycle Friendly Community. It also is featured, among other cities, in Jeff Mapes’ Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities. Mapes traces the grassroots movement of cycling activists to create room and safety for cyclists in many communities. It’s an inspiring topic.

Locally, Kalamazoo is making progress for non-motorized travelers. The development of sections of the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail provides Kalamazoo area cyclists and hikers with additional paved trails free of motor vehicle traffic. Now you can hook up to the Kal-Haven Trail from an access point downtown. By later this fall, you should be able to ride the trail from the Kalamazoo riverfront out to the Kalamazoo Nature Center, and ultimately, plans call for the trail to extend as far as Battle Creek.

The 2010 Kalamazoo Master Plan--drawn up to project city land use plans for the next 20 years--states that “expanding non-motorized connections is a high priority for residents and city leaders.” The plan includes a map on p. 49 (well, p. 55 in the Adobe read-only format) which details the current and planned non-motorized connections for the city. If you prefer to read the plan in print, our Local History room holds a copy of the final version.


Pedaling revolution : how cyclists are changing American cities

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