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Tamarack School


Photo by Sarah Hultmark, c. 1981, History Room Photo File P-1291.

Location: (District #5) - section 28, southwest corner of Owen Drive and 6th Street

The first Tamarack School was built in 1880 and may have gotten its name because it was built from tamarack logs, although it was called Gerald School on the 1918 topographic map. Supposedly it was built in another location and later moved to Owen Drive and 6th Street. If so, it was moved soon after it was built because it shows at the latter location in the 1890 atlas. The last building on that site appears to have been built about 1914. Closed in 1956 and converted to a private residence.


1925-26 Rosa Norton - also taught at Alamo Center School
1927-28 Violet Stiff
1929-33 Fern A. Price
1933-34 Lawrence Chapman
1934-36 George Annable
1936-38 Bert Adams
1938-40 Marion Lewis
1940-41 Marion Lewis DeWinter
1941-42 Esther Lancaster
1942-43 Veronica Kailing - also taught at Hackley School
1943-44 Katherine Eash - also taught at Alamo Center and Alamo Valley Schools
1944-46 Marion E. Geis
1946-48 Ruth Reynolds - also taught at HackleyTwin Lakes and Oak Grove Schools
1948-51 Mildred Clapp - also taught at Alamo Center School, and in Vicksburg, Texas Corners, Bangor and Mattawan.
1951-52 Linnie Smith
1952-55 Katherine Eash - also taught at Alamo Center and Alamo Valley Schools



List of one-room school still standing in Kalamazoo County in 1982

  • Hultmark, Sarah.
  • Local History Collection, Kalamazoo Public Library


"Historic school with turn-of-the-century roots to hold reunion"

  • Kalamazoo Gazette, 2 May 1996, page C3, column 1

"Bright young faces light up Tamarack School classroom"

  • Kalamazoo Gazette, 5 May 1996, page D2, column 2 - photograph of the class of 1954 in their classroom

"One-room school alums say good old days really were"

  • Kalamazoo Gazette, 13 May 1996, page 7 , column 2 (Hometown Gazette, Alamo edition, filmed after the regular edition and the Portage Hometown Gazette)

"Reunion set for alumni of old one-room school"

  • Kalamazoo Gazette, 27 April 1997, page B6, column 4 (see also correction on 30 April 1997, page A2, column 1)

"Tamerack (sic) School taught these youngsters in the late '30s"

  • Kalamazoo Gazette, 3 May 1998, page C2, column 2 - photograph of the students in 1938 or 1939, all identified by name. 

Maps and atlases

Illustrated atlas of Kalamazoo County [Michigan] with early and present history of Kalamazoo County

  • Sauer, William C.
  • Wm. C. Sauer, 1890
  • History Room atlas case, left shelf #1

Standard atlas of Kalamazoo County, Michigan

  • Geo. A. Ogle & Co., 1910
  • History Room atlas case, left shelf #1

USGS topographic map for Kalamazoo County, 1918 (Kalamazoo Quadrangle)

  • History Room map case, left drawer #1


History Room Subject File: Tamarack School 

Teachers' and school officers' directory, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 1925-55 (title varies)

  • Shelved in a pamphlet box with H 379.774 K149 (History Room Storage) 

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