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Tiffany School


Photo by Sarah Hultmark, c. 1981, History Room Photo File P-1262

Location: District #1 Fractional - Section 6, southeast corner of Sprinkle Road and TU Avenue.


1925-26 Mrs. Letha Munn

1927-28 Mrs. Jennie Cooley

1929-30 Mrs. Margaret Ballman

1930-33 Mary Cagney

1933-36 Mrs. Eleanor Burdick

1936-39 Mrs. Jennie Cooley

1939-40 Mrs. Dora DeMerrell

1940-42 Mrs. Mabel H. Adams

1942-44 Mrs. Helen S. Bradley

1944-47 Mrs. Blanche Harsha

1947-48 No longer listed in county school directories, probably absorbed into the Vicksburg School District.



List of one-room schools still standing in Kalamazoo County in 1982

  • Hultmark, Sarah.
  • Manuscript, Local History Collection, Kalamazoo Public Library

Other Sources

USGS topographic maps for Kalamazoo County, 1922/1950 (Schoolcraft Quadrangle)

  • History Room map case, left drawer #1


Teachers' and School Officers' Directory, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 1925-1948 (title varies)

  • Shelved in a pamphlet box with H 379.774 K149 (History Room Storage)


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