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Cooper Center School 1925

Cooper Center School, 1925

Back Row: Dorothy Burger, Mrs. Kitty Korstange, Mrs. Vioah Webster, Georgie Christlieb, Dorothy Smith, Thelma Van Antwerp

Fourth Row: Ira Thayer, Carl Doster, Russell Anson, Charles Thayer, John Foster, John McLarty

Third Row: James McLarty, Walter Van Antwerp, James Pierce, Earnest Leeper, Laren Leeper, Ward Christlieb, Richard Boven

Second Row: Walter Anson, Lloyd Cronkite, Donald Christlieb, Benny Hummel, Charles Hummell, Glen Leeper, Preston Harris, Fred Burger

Front Row: Elgie Burger, Irene Leeper, Lucille Foster, Frances Anson, Ruth Smith, Nina Foster, Elda Hummel, Vine Pierce, Alice Burger, ? Foster

Photo loaned and identified by Frances (Anson) Hiemstra, 2004; Burger children identified by Nancy DeHaan Channells, daughter of Alice Burger, 12/28/2004.