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Cooper Center School 1930

Cooper Center School, 1930

Back Row: Vine Pierce, Margaret Kindy, teacher Mrs. Helen Anderson, Harold Armtrout, Mary Getchel, Alice Burger

Second Row: Clarence Coon, Charles Hummel, Preston Harris, Walter VanAntwerp, Donald Christlieb, Benny Hummel, Gilbert Sledsdet, LaVon Kindy, Ruth Smith

Front Row: Richard Edgerton, Gaylord Stockwell, Lloys Cronkite, A. Stockwell, Elgie Burger, Frances Anson, James Pierce, Ward Christlieb

Photo loaned and identified by Frances (Anson) Hiemstra, 2004; Burger children and LaVon Kindy identified by Nancy DeHaan Channells, Alice Burger's daughter, 2005.