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Carpenter's Corners School

Location: Section 9, southwest corner of Milham Road and Westnedge Avenue.

“...the old school house which so well subserved the wants of the pioneer generation, has lately given way to a more costly and commodious structure, which is well worthy of special notice. The building is a frame one and painted white. The yard, foundation, size, heighth of the building and cupola, each with its proportion and fitness, seem to contribute to its beautiful appearance. Everything from foundation to belfry is done in a substantial and workmanlike manner. The school room is 18 feet from floor to ceiling, well ventilated and nicely furnished, being grained and varnished, and seated with the patent iron frame folding seat. The windows are moved with weights and pullies, and have the Lap window shade attached. This gives the pupils plenty of fresh air to breathe, and a good seat to sit on, two very essential things for the health and comfort of the children while attending school. They have a good liquid slating blackboard, constructed within two feet of the floor that the smaller pupils may use it as well as the larger ones. There is a bell in the belfry whose silvery note can be heard throughout the District.” The building was built by John Adams for a cost “not far from $2,400.”  —Kalamazoo Telegraph, 2 September 1872.

Carpenter’s Corners School is not listed in the Kalamazoo County school directories, our run of which begins in 1925, so no list of teachers is available at this time. Either the school had closed entirely by then, or it had been absorbed into the Portage town district. 



In a class of their own: Carpenter's Corners School

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USGS topographic map for Kalamazoo County, 1922/1950 (Schoolcraft Quadrangle)

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