Oak Grove School - Fractional District #6


Oak Grove School - Fractional District #6
Photos by Beth Timmerman, taken June 2013

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Location: Fractional District #6 - Section 6, northwest corner of Stadium Drive and 1st Street.

The earliest available school records show that Charles Northrop deeded the one acre school site to the school district in November 1863. It is clear from the list of teachers that a school was being conducted that year somewhere in the district, but a building existed on this location no later than February 1867 when an insurance policy was purchased for it. The first building was evidently wood frame because in 1869 the school board voted to raise $25 to paint the outside with "mineral paint." It had been replaced by November 1886 when a "one story brick, shingle roof, school building" was insured for $1,000. No evidence has been found as to when the present two-story building was constructed. The school was closed at the end of the 1944-45 school year. As of 2016, it was in use as a private home.

The school also served as a public library. In late April 1865 the board appointed Mr. Osmond Monroe Stevens, a farmer who lived near the school, as librarian of the district. The books were to be kept at school and loaned to the public. In March 1871, the board "voted to have Mrs. Kinney librarian." That was probably Mary McKain Kinney, a native of Ireland who lived just slightly northeast of the school. A record of her family was found with other papers from the school district. Not long after she was appointed, the board also "Voted to admit schollars from other districts and collect tuition by rate bill and appropriate to benefit of school library." Sporadic expenditures for library books continued at least as late as 1915. A "Catalogue of Books in District Library" found among the school's papers, undated but probably from the 1880's, lists 52 titles, heavy on history and biography, a collection evidently designed to appeal to adults more than children.



1863     Nancy M. Abrams, 4 months
             Irene Fitzsimmons, 3 1/2 months
1864-65 Beardsley J. Root, winter term
1865      Ada Abbe, summer term
1865-66 J. S. Newland, winter term
1866      Ada Abbe, summer term
1866-67 Cory Jones, winter term
1867      Lucy Kennicott, summer term
1867-68 Lucy Kennicott, winter term
1868-69 Thomas Daniels 
1869      Miss Lou (Lucy) L. Stevens, summer term 
1869-70 Frances Zielie
              Mrs. Hopkins
              Mrs. E. M. Darling,
winter term 
1870      Mrs. C. Allyn, for unexpired term, her predecessor having married
             Cora Allen, 2 1/10 months
             Miss Lou L. Stevens, 4 2/5 months
             Miss Augusta Armstrong, summer term
1870-71 Miss Clara Weed, winter term, 4 months
1871      Augusta Armstrong, summer term
1871-72 E. R.  Annable, winter term
1872      Miss Flora A. Guthrie, summer term
1872-73 Caleb O. Nash, winter term
1873      Lou L. Stevens, summer term
1873-74 Amelia Guthey, winter term
1874      Ella Rogal, summer term
1874-75 J. W. Kendal, winter term, 4 months
1875      Lavinia A. Pease, spring term, 4 months
             Irene L. Shepard, summer term, 4 months
1875-76 J. W. Kendall, winter term, 4 months
1876-77 Isaac Stewart, winter term, 4 months
1877      Alexander Hadlock, summer term, 4 months
1877-78 Alfred L. Scott, winter term, 4 months
1878      Ella Rix, spring and fall terms 
1878-79 Isaac Stewart, winter term, 4 months
1879      Ella M. Rix, spring, summer and fall terms
1879-80 Ashley R. Lapham, winter term
             A. George Fuller, part of winter term, 1 1/2 months
1880      Miss L. C. Gilman, summer term, 3 months
             Miss Ella M. Rix, fall term, 2 months
1880-81 Ashley R. Lapham, winter term, 4 months
1881      Emma A. Stevens, spring and summer terms
1881-82 Ashley Clapp, winter term 
1882      Lucy C. Brown, summer term, 2 months
             Susie Ryder, fall term, 2 months, 9 days
1882-83 T. W. Cogswell, winter term, 3 months
1883      Anna Rawson, spring term, 3 months 
1883      Miss Estella Birdsell, fall term2 months
1883-84 Frank Wilson, winter term,75 days
1884      James H. McLaughlin, spring and fall terms, 5 months
1884-85 C. H. Bramble, winter term, 4 months
1885      Ellen McLaughlin, spring and fall terms, 5 months
1885-86 E. T. Reed, winter term, 4 months
1886      Etta Darling, spring and fall terms, 5 months
1886-87 Cora Coleman, winter term, 4 months
1887      Ella Darling, spring and fall terms, 5 months
1887-88 George Bishop, winter term, 4 months
1888      James McLaughlin, spring term, 3 months
1888-89 Carrie Rix, 6 months
1889-90 James H. McLaughlin, 6 months
              Sheldon Coleman
, 3 months
1890-91 Nellie Jones, 2 months
             William McLaughlin, 4 months
1891      Ethel Kinney, spring and fall terms
1891-92 Willis Tolhurst, winter term
1892      Allie Coleman, spring and fall terms
1892-94 Minnie Engle
1894-95 James H. McLaughlin
1895      Retta Stoughton, spring term
1895-96 James H. McLaughlin 
1896      Allie Coleman, 2 months, fall term
1896-98 A. F. Annable
1898-00 Carrie A. Rix
1900-01 Winfred Cole
1901-02 Carrie A. Rix
1902-03 Winfred Cole
1903-04 Roy A. Winslow
1904-11 Mrs. Nellie Newkirk
1911-12 Mrs. Mary A. Hill
1912-13 Miss Luella Wilson (Mrs. Cross toward the end of the year)
1913-14 Ada M. Tazelaar
1914-17 Frances M.  Zielie
1917-18 Mrs. E. R. Jones signed forms concerning deaf and blind children, but does not specify her position. She also signed the school census in 1917.
1919-20 Catherine Donovan?
1921-22 Nellie Bly Davis
1925-26 Edward R. Fike
1927-28 Mrs. Frieda Rainier
1929-31 Edward R. Fike
1931-34 Mrs. Cora E. Fitch
1934-35 Mrs. Leora Thompson
1935-36 Edward Fike
1936-37 Mrs. Ruth Schuur
1937-40 Mrs. Nina E. Rix
1940-41 Mrs. Elizabeth French
1941-43 Mrs. Molly Smith
1943-45 Mrs. Grace Green


Maps and atlases

Atlas of Kalamazoo Co., Michigan : from recent and actual surveys and records

  • (spine title is Combined Atlases of Kalamazoo, Michigan 1873 1890 )
  • Beers, F. W.
  • New York : F. W. Beers & Co., 1873
  • H 912.77417 K14
  • History Room atlas case, left shelf #1
  • Rate bill of names of persons liable for teachers' wages, 1861

    Illustrated atlas of Kalamazoo County [Michigan] with early and present history of Kalamazoo County (spine title is Combined atlases of Kalamzoo, Michigan 1873 1890)

    • Sauer, William C.
    • William C. Sauer, 1890
    • History Room atlas case, left shelf #1


    Teachers' and school officers' directory, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 1921-22, 1925-45

    • Shelved in a pamphlet box with H 379.774 K149 (History Room Storage)


    Papers of the Fractional District #6 School