Culp School


Photo by Sarah Hultmark, c. 1981, History Room Photo P-1277
Location: (Fractional District #5) Section 24, north side of X Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets.

Called School No. 15 on 1918 topo, but that is probably an error. It would be unusual for a township as sparsely populated as Wakeshma to have a district numbered that high. Culp School was identified as #5 Fractional in the front of the 1935-36 county school directory, which is more likely correct. The school is not listed in the directories after 1940-41, so it is likely that it closed at the end of that school term.


1925-26 Florence Martin

1927-28 Helen Thomas

1929-30 Margaret Koenig

1930-31 Mrs. Pearl Culp

1931-32 Elizabeth Van Fossen

1932-34 Rachel Shook

1934-36 Mrs. Gertrude Brock

1936-38 Lowell Snyder

1938-41 Marian Frost




List of one-room schools still standing in Kalamazoo County in 1982

  • Hultmark, Sarah.
  • Manuscript, Local History Collection, Kalamazoo Public Library

Maps and atlases

USGS Topographic Map for Kalamazoo County, 1918 (Leonidas Quadrangle)

  • History Room map case, left drawer #1


Teachers' and School Officers' Directory, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 1925-1941 (title varies)

  • Shelved in a pamphlet box with H 379.774 K149 (History Room Storage)