The Marlborough Building


The Marlborough Building
Source: Photo by Patrick Jouppi, September 2010


The Marlborough Building at 471 W. South Street was added to the National Register of Historic Places on 27 May 1983. In addition to being listed on the National Register, the Marlborough Building enjoys local historic district status as a single resource historic district.

The Marlborough Building Historic District is composed of three distinct sections. The first of these sections is the condominium complex which W. South Street. The second section consists of an attractive yard adjacent to the building on its west side. The third section is a garage and parking area, located south of the main building.

The Marlborough Building was designed by the architectural firm Billingham & Cobb, and Henry L. Vanderhorst served as contractor. Construction on the H-shaped building began in 1923, cost an estimated $300,000-$400,000 to complete, and encloses approximately 75,000 square feet. Today, the Marlborough serves primarily as a residence with the first floor exclusively occupied by local businesses and offices.

Additional Information

The following information reflects the manner in which The Marlborough Building is categorized by the National Register of Historic Places and the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office.


  • Architecture/Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Building

Historic Use:

  • Domestic

Current Use:

  • Domestic


  • Billingham & Cobb
  • Henry L. Vanderhorst
  • Leslie A. Cobb


  • Vanderhorst, Henry L.
  • Billingham & Cobb
  • 1923
  • 1924


  • Private

Architectural Style:

  • Mission/Spanish
  • Colonial Revival

Period of Significance:

  • 1901-1930

National Register Information System Item Number:

  • 83000863



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