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Photographs from the Local History Collection

Kalamazoo Public Library contributes material to online photo services, such as The Commons on Flickr, to increase public access to its collections of images. This is done in support of the library’s strategic initiative to “provide resources, tools and programs necessary to understand and appreciate all aspects of the Kalamazoo community including its past, present, and future.”

If you have new information, corrections, questions about the images in this collection, or items you would like to contribute, please contact the Kalamazoo Public Library Local History Room

Read the complete Flickr Commons Rights Statement

Featured Collections


Mamie Austin Collection (191 photos)

This collection was photographed by Mamie Austin. A staff member of the Library at the time of the photographs being taken, Austin was the daughter of commercial photographer from Kalamazoo. Almost all of her photos are take between 1936-1941 and are of various places in Kalamazoo.



Wallace White Collection (241 photos)

Walter S. White was one of Kalamazoo's early Photographers. His collection of images shows Kalamazoo dating back to the 1860s. The library’s extensive Local History collection includes many of Wallace White’s original glass negatives. Learn more...  




McConnell Photo Collection (102 photos)

The Kalamazoo Public Library McConnell collection includes over 100 largely unidentified photos donated to the Kalamazoo Public Library. They were the property of Marion Louise McConnell of Kalamazoo. Photos may include members of the McConnell, Rineveld, Kelder, Born, and Link families.

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