Local Information Database

Local Information Database

Kalamazoo Public Library maintains a wealth of current and historical information about area citizens, organizations, businesses, buildings, events, plus local, area, and state news (with a local angle).

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KPL’s Local Organization Directory features 900+ social service agencies, clubs, associations, churches, and other nonprofit organizations in Kalamazoo County. Library staff annually update each organization’s entry.

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KPL’s Local Information Database combines indexing of local newspapers, magazines, historical photos, and other Local History resources. Library staff add new records to this rich resource of more than one million items every day. 

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The Kalamazoo Gazette has been indexed since 1972, with some coverage of personal names before then. The index includes both subject and personal names and covers local, area and state news. Each citation includes the headline, the date of the paper in which the article appears, the section, page, and column, and indicates whether a picture illustrates the article.

Kalamazoo Gazette Index Status (as of April 19, 2016)

Other Newspapers Index Status (as of November 2, 2010)

Local Magazine Index 

Local magazines are a gold mine of information about local people, businesses and organizations.

Local History Room Index 

The Local History Room section of the database captures a wonderful variety of information not indexed in the other databases, including access to the clipping files, scrapbooks, pictures and short sketches in books, etc.

Local Photograph Index

More than 1300 of our photographs have been scanned and loaded onto our website. There are also about one thousand images from the Kalamazoo Valley Museum collection and another 800 from the WMU Archives and Regional History Collections available on our website. All of these are cataloged. Additional cataloging records are periodically added for unscanned photographs. These images will be scanned and added to the website at a later date. For those photographs in our collection which have not yet been cataloged, please ask the staff for assistance in locating what you need.

The local history room has also recently received a generous donation of more than 4000 photos from the Miller-Davis Company. These photos have been scanned and are currently being cataloged. Many are now available on the website.