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Rise of the Guardians

The Easter Bunny is Australian and Santa Clause is Russian. Rise of the Guardians is an animated movie where the boggy man is trying to take over the dreams of children and make them forget the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, the tooth fairy etc. Jack Frost is coaxed to join the Guardians and help fight off Pitch (the Boogeyman). I found this to be a delightful film. I liked that the Easter Bunny, played by Hugh Jackman, was Australian. This was not a scary movie but it is rated PG. Give it a try. This and many others movies are available at KPL.


Rise of the Guardians


I like it
With all these superhero themed movies coming out I guess this was either coincidental or perfect timing. Jack is kind of the reluctant hero almost Spider-Manish, so in turn as great as his power is so is his responsibility. A great watch in all aspects.