Best Worst Movie

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This hilarious and ultimately heartwarming documentary tells the story of the people responsible for the "so bad it's good" film Troll 2 and what has happened to them as the low budget horror film they were involved with in 1989 slowly turned into what is affectionately known as “the worst movie ever made” - a cult favorite with maniacal fans and Rocky Horror Picture Show like midnight showing parties. Written and directed by Michael Stephenson – who actually starred in Troll 2 as a child – Best Worst Movie’s main focus is George Hardy, the father in Troll 2, who is now a well loved general dentist living a quiet and happy life in a small Alabama town. The film examines the Troll 2 phenomenon and follows George and many of the other cast members, several who are clearly not as well adjusted as George appears to be, as they hit the Troll 2 circuit, engaging with rabid fans and soaking up the weird fame that they have in this realm. The film is well made, touching, funny, and above all entertaining. Even if you have never seen Troll 2 you will be a fan after viewing this great documentary.


Best Worst Movie

Posted by Michael Cockrell at 02/18/2011 09:07:19 AM | 

After more than a decade of trying to convince others to watch Troll 2, usually without success,I don't know if I am relieved or resentful to see the attention the movie is finally getting. Either way I'm thankful the documentary was made. And if you enjoyed the film, check out the gratuitous extras, where it was learned, among other things, that the preacher character is now a weightlifting poet who has penned an original screenplay with a soundtrack that was written and recorded by Air Supply!
Posted by: Jeffrey Rybicki ( Email ) at 3/8/2011 3:19 PM

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