The Visitor

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The very recognizable but certainly underappreciated Richard Jenkins stars in this quiet independent film about the power of human connection. Jenkins plays widowed economics professor Walter Vale whose life has lost all resemblance of happiness or sparkle until a random encounter with two complete strangers gives him the connection to humanity that he desperately needed to jumpstart his life. The visitor, that the title refers to, turn out to be two undocumented aliens (Tarek who is Syrian and Zainab from Senegal) living illegally yet productively and peacefully in New York City. An unwarranted and random stop by the authorities sends this touching and well paced film off in an entirely new direction from where it started, but the strength of the characters and the strong performances of the cast act as ballast that keeps this very well constructed film moving along to a conclusion that stays with the viewer long after the credits role. 


The Visitor

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