Taxi to the Dark Side

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One of the most emotionally moving and powerful documentaries you will ever see is Taxi to the Dark Side, the 2008 Academy Award winner for Best Documentary. Framed around the heartbreaking story of how an innocent Afghani citizen was swept away by U.S. military forces, detained without ever being charged with a crime, never given access to an attorney, tortured over the course of several days, and then beaten to death. This is a profoundly important film that explores the way in which torture became codified by law and then institutionally practiced within the military prisons of Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay following September 11th, 2001 attacks. Told from the point of view of those who were accused and convicted of killing the taxi driver, civilian and military interrogators, CIA officials, torture experts and journalists, viewers will learn about the kinds of torture methods that are being used against civilians rounded up without lawyers or charges against them and how the Geneva Convention and habeas corpus have been consciously ignored by both top political leaders and high-ranking military soldiers for the purpose of extracting intelligence. A graphically disturbing yet important film for citizens from every political persuasion to see.


Taxi to the dark side

Posted by Ryan Gage at 11/18/2008 10:36:34 AM | 

Another Alex Gibney documentary, Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, is playing this weekend at the Little Theatre.
linky to show times:
Posted by: michael ( Email ) at 11/20/2008 9:38 AM

nice movie !
Posted by: Ryan ( Email | Visit ) at 5/4/2009 9:48 AM

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