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Corn Beef Should Not Be Blue

Tender, sweet, hilariously self-deprecating, and semi-disturbing are all legitimate ways one might describe Woody Allen’s romantic comedy masterpiece--Manhattan. In addition to being all of those things, Allen’s 1979 film about  two couples (one involving a teenager), a snarky yet “But I'm from Philadelphia” paramour (the brilliant Diane Keaton), an ex-wife turned memoirist (Meryl Streep), and the ways in which love is found, lost, found again...maybe...and probably altogether ill advised locates Allen at his film-making peak. Beautifully shot in black and white, this charming little tour de force probably does more for New York City tourism than anything else. Allen parodies and pokes fun at everyone, including himself in this great movie that compliments his other celluloid classic, Annie Hall. If you’ve never indulged in the Woody Allen brand of humor, start with these two films.




The opening sequence, set to Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue", is the ultimate promo for the beauty of New York City architecture. This is the movie where Allen learned how to blend his brand of comedy and drama perfectly... good choice, Ryan!

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