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When Bad Things Happen to Good Books

Well it’s that time again to remind lovers of books that their favorite characters and stories are never safe from the evil hands of casting directors, screenwriters and corporate honchos who are ruthless in their cinematic destruction of a good book. How many times have you burdened with guilt and cynicism peaked your head into a theater to see the bloody carnage and the two hour dismantling of every thing you ever loved about a book’s power to move you with its words, images and literary prowess? Well, for those of you who glance from time to time on Youtube or IMDB for the latest trailers associated with film adaptions, you know that in the near future that Cormac McCarthy’s award winning The Road and Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife will soon hit the multiplex. From my vantage point, both films look as though their producers never quite got around to reading the books. Maybe I’ll be wrong about the movies but c’mon, Eric Bana as Henry the librarian and hammy explosions and action movie tropes. Puleeese. And least we not let HBO off the hook with their soon to ruin everything great about Raymond Chandler series Bored to Death. I hope that I'm wrong but there exists a long history of very bad adaptations in the dustbin filed away under "bad idea."


The time traveler's wife : a novel


Oh dear... I just finished The Time Traveler's Wife and I can only imagine how that might get butchered. Here's hoping.
I personally did not like reading The Time Travelers Wife, so I'm excited for the movie. It can only get better for me!

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