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This is following upon Ann's earlier post about the depth and diversity of our film and television collection. I'd also like to point to the marvelous array of foreign language movies and in particular those that have been released by the Criterion Collection. There is no better way to introduce yourself to the rich body of world cinema then to explore Criterion's growing pool of cult films, many of which have never found a broad audience here in the United States. I'm referring to Larisa Shepitko's heartbreaking The Ascent (Russian), François Truffaut's memorable new wave coming of age story The 400 Blows (French), Hong Kong action hits like John Woo's The Killers (Cantonese), the highly influential masterpiece Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa (Japanese), and Steven Soderbergh's provoking narrative about drug trafficking Traffic (Spanish/English).


Essential art house. Rashomon [videorecording]

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My personal favorite among world cinema classics at KPL - Vittorio De Sica's Umberto D. The library recently acquired the excellent Martin Scorsese documentary My Voyage to Italy, which examines that country's cinematic classics from the '40's through the '60's, and the influence they had on the director (and film in general). Clips shown from various films (including Umberto D) are lengthy - be aware that if you haven't seen these films, many clips are plot spoilers, but it's a fantastic sampler of directors including De Sica, Fellini, Rossellini (whose "War Trilogy" was recently released on Criterion, and is available at KPL as well), etc. As usual, Scorsese's ultra-informed (but never dull) commentary is a gift to film lovers and novices alike.
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