The Street Stops Here

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The Street Stops Here mixes dramatic tension, high-stakes basketball and the economic recession into a documentary film that packs an authentic, emotional punch. The film is a superb portrait of a small, Jersey City Catholic school (St. Anthony) under pressure financially to keep its doors open while the school’s storied basketball program and its inimitable coach Bob Hurley Sr. seek to win their 25th state title. Like the award-winning Hoop Dreams before it, The Street Stops Here depicts the lives of several key seniors, both their off the court struggles to transcend their disadvantaged upbringing as well as their struggle to win their first state championship, However, its Hurley, a former probation officer, who takes center stage throughout the film as the audience gains intimate access to his heavy-handed forms of discipline and tough love approach. A big thumbs up.


The Street Stops Here

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