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You need Iron Man in your superhero movie diet.

Iron Man was easily my favorite movie of the summer until Batman and the Joker started to tussle in July. The first movie fully created and produced from Marvel Studios surpassed my expectations and finally lifted the character to the prominent place he deserves in Marvel Comics lore. Robert Downey plays the perfect Tony Stark, a playboy millionaire scientist who stops creating weapons of mass destruction only to become one himself to prevent the loss of innocent lives. Director John Favreau does an excellent job of telling Stark's origin story for the new viewer as well as cram in a bunch of things to make any fanboy giddy. Do not miss the scene after the credits for a HUGE surprise and teaser to a possible sequel.


Iron Man
Kevin King


Yes i totally, so many of these superhero movies have fallen so flat recently. I was not impressed with Superman and Spiderman. Thanks for the post.
Thanks for the posted! We all miss Iron man
I loved Iron Man 1 as well. But after watching Iron Man 3 I realised Robert Downey is the perfect (old) Tony Stark but not a great Iron Man! he is not that of an agile performer. I believe it is time for a new cast to be made.