Staff Picks: Movies

Staff-recommended viewing from the KPL catalog.

Lincoln for the 21st Century

I recently spent a day in Springfield, Illinois. Among the various sites we toured was the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum which opened in April 2005. It was amazing....walk through exhibits, holographic figures, movies with realistic effects. We weren't even sure if one of the actors in the movie was real or a hologram! We walked through exhibits of Lincoln's life from his boyhood in a log cabinet to his funeral in Springfield.

By chance, I just discovered High Tech Lincoln in our DVD collection. It is a commentary by the History Channel on this award-winning presidential museum. I'm still not sure if it was a real person or a hologram, but I know a lot about how this museum was designed and the behind-the-scenes operation.

I recommend a weekend trip to this museum. Watch this DVD before or after, or just because you are interested.


High Tech Lincoln