The Forbidden Kingdom

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In my way of thinking you cannot go wrong with a Jackie Chan movie. The plot of "The Forbidden Kingdom" is that the Monkey King’s staff needs to be returned to him. The God of War tricked him and turned him into stone. The prophecy speaks of a seeker that will return the staff one day. Well in this movie the seeker is a boy in a city in the United States and he gets transported through time and space to China. There he meets Jackie Chan a “drunken” immortal and Jet Li a monk. They teach him Kung Fu and many battles ensue. A lot of humor is interjected throughout typical of Jackie Chan movies. It was an enjoyable romp, I do not recall hearing a single curse word and the fighting is not the show the blood and gore type. It’s more the dodge, jump leap, look out type which has you laughing more than gritting your teeth. I highly recommend watching this movie.


The Forbidden Kingdom


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