The Vow

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Can you imagine your wife has a brain injury and does not remember being married to you? That’s the premise of the movie The Vow and it is based on a real live wife who had a brain injury and forgot her husband. She never did get her memory back, but she is still married and has two children. The movie has a car crash causing the brain injury and then to keep us interested tosses in issues with in-laws, a bit of infidelity, and old flame who she does remember. Rachael McAdams plays Paige the wife of Leo played by Channing Tatum (and yes he does take off his shirt showing his magnificently sculpted abs). The movie starts off with the car crash and the hospital scene, then does a flashback to show us how much in love they were. I thought they did a good job with her waking up and seeing Leo for the first time. She assumes he is her doctor, a very reasonable thought. Paige has lost the last 4 years, and in her mind she was still in law school, and engaged to Jeremy, not an artist and married to Leo. The movie unravels for us the tale of why she left law school and ditched her fiancé Jeremy. Leo faced with having a wife who does not remember him at all, tries to spark her memory, failing to make that happen he tries to re woo her and make her fall in love with him all over again. Paige's parents want to control Paige and take her back to their home and try to mold her back into the person they want her to be. This is a good romantic movie, a good one to watch with your special someone.



The Vow

Posted by Gary Green at 06/11/2012 08:09:37 AM | 

Although this movie didn't do well on box office but unique storyline of this movie and channing tatum makes it watchable.
Posted by: English Movies ( Email ) at 9/16/2012 4:13 AM

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