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Most filmgoers know Christopher Nolan from his work as the director behind the recent Batman films and Inception but it was the film Memento that unleashed Nolan’s talent for sinister and suspensful movies that underscore his interest in the darker elements of human nature. Nolan’s work is also interested in exploring the elasticity of narrative and how the various constituents of a story fragmented and detached from a linear unfolding, impact the viewer’s experience and expectations. Fans of his films should definitely see his first film, the playful thriller Following, a Paul Auster-like nightmare where identities are swapped and nothing is as it seems. One can see in this early attempt at disorienting the viewer’s grasp of time and plot, a precursor to the brilliant Memento.


The Following


Posted by Ryan Gage at 02/15/2013 12:36:37 PM | 

All great films. A great director.
Posted by: Lalloo Personal Injury Solicitors ( Email ) at 3/4/2013 9:42 AM

Nolan`s work is pretty solid but sometimes he can`t manage to get it as fluid as it gets in narrative terms. Take "The Prestige" and "The Dark Knight Rises" in which the many elements the plot has doesn`t allow for his direction style to suceed.
Posted by: david ( Email ) at 2/8/2014 11:26 AM

When it comes to films (and comic book sometimes) I prefer to save the best for last. I have watched all of Nolan´s films that came after his first Batman. I´m already trying to locate those early films.
Posted by: aacopiadoras ( Email ) at 4/11/2014 3:55 PM

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