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The new documentary from filmmaker Ken Burns (The Central Park Five) is an outrage-inducing expose of the insidious injustice carried out upon five New York City teenagers in 1989. The story begins with the brutal attack of a jogger in Central Park. From there, the police department and prosecutors seek out those that they could label as the perpetrators, not the actual rapist. The evidence would suggest that investigators were neither interested in justice nor the truth about who was responsible for the vicious crime. The city explodes in racist condemnation of the teen suspects with much of the media and political class trying the case in the court of public opinion and tabloid. This is a must-watch film that should be shown in every classroom across this country.


The Central Park Five

Posted by Ryan Gage at 04/30/2013 04:37:13 PM | 

a thought provoking movie , apt for teenagers , wonderful dramatisation of concept
Posted by: peter chan ( Email ) at 6/10/2013 12:54 AM

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