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Visit The Band's Visit

If you have yet to discover our collection of movies that have been shown by the Kalamazoo Film Society you should go and check out the list. Recently I watched The Band's Visit, a short film about an Egyptian Police Band who travels to Israel to play at an Arab Cultural Center opening. The language barrier results in the band taking the wrong bus and they end up in a remote Israeli village with no hotel and no hope of a return bus ride until the next day. What results is an interesting and hilarious night when the tensions between Egyptian and Israeli slip away in favor of semi-romantic dates, roller skating and birthday parties. Both parties not only learn something about the other's country, but also themselves. It was not hard to believe that this film has won over 35 international film awards because it is a lesson in cross-cultural differences.


The Band's Visit
Kevin King


I liked this film too. Gives one hope for peace....why can't we all just get along and have fun together?
its an excellent film. nice coverup
This movie was originally released as a motion picture in 2007 and was a a super hit movie in our country too. This movie is quite interesting till its end.