Staff Picks: Movies

Staff-recommended viewing from the KPL catalog.

Roses in December

Roses in December is the heartbreaking tale of the murder of a young woman (Jean Donovan) who gave up her privilege, educational opportunities and a high paying job so as to serve the violently oppressed people of El Salvador during that nation's civil war of the 1970’s. It is also a film about the redemptive quality in serving a higher purpose beyond our inclination toward navel gazing and the struggle to locate both lasting peace within ourselves and the world afar by giving assistance to those denied vital resources, political power or access to justice. Also, learn how the Reagan Administration, staunch supporters of the brutal El Salvadoran military, worked to obstruct justice for the families of those murdered. A somber film but one that affirms the humanity of those who give of themselves to advance peace and justice. 


Roses in December