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The Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

I love films that often appear at first glance to be very simple in form or plot yet possess a profound range of emotional depth and suggestive weight that when perfectly pitched with gorgeous cinematography and credible acting, lays bare the lyricism of the human condition even as characters struggle with loss and grief. In short, the film Cherry Blossoms conjures such a description. One of the best films I’ve seen all year.

What happens when a wife discovers that her husband is dying of a terminal illness but who then dies herself before telling him or their family? Subtle and yet packing an emotional punch, this film is a modern day love story that is heartbreaking yet poetic in its life affirming tone.


Cherry blossoms - Hanami [videorecording]


Hmmm... You've sparked my interest to watch Cherry Blossom. Thanks Ryan!
I can't wait to watch this "heartbreaking yet poetic" movie. You've made it really interesting.
I love foreign movies, and am always looking for good ones to watch. This is a very beautiful movie so wonderfully captured on screen by cinematographer Hanno Lentz. This is a movie of love, journey, acceptance and about life.
Thanks for the informations
Mr.RyanG ,i have never seen this film ,while reading your blog i'm really eager to watch this film.Because it is touching my heart that much...What a situation it is..Oh god....Thanks for the blog yaar..
A very poetic love story that moved my heart...
Thanks Ryan, i watched the movie after reading the blog, it was heartbreaking but the emotions well drafted