Staff Picks: Movies

Staff-recommended viewing from the KPL catalog.

Morning Light

Winter is a trying time for sailors in Michigan.  It’s too cold to even tinker with the hardware on your boat unless you have heated storage – so most Michigan sailors “make do”.  This week’s “make do” in our house was a viewing of a movie called Morning Light.  The movie is thoroughly enjoyable from my viewpoint, and you can read that to mean they did NOT end up fighting a hurricane, no one went overboard and drown, and the boat did NOT sink.    In other words, this crew member did not have visions of tying herself to the mast or going down with the ship in similar conditions. 

Morning Light is an inspiring true-life adventure of fifteen young rookie sailors who train for months and then race in the Transpacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Hawaii.  There is plenty of adventure, excitement and thrills with a happy ending, no less.  Published by Walt Disney Studios, this is entertainment for the entire family and is rated PG. 


Morning Light
Diane S