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All Good Things...

As those of us who find ourselves obsessed with the television show Lost all know; the final season of the brilliant and intriguing, perhaps to the point of annoyance for the casual viewer, television show begins on Tuesday night. All of the speculation over “how will it end?” has me thinking not only about the wrapping up of LOST (Is Whitmore/Ben/Jacob good or bad, Is the island an alien life form? What do Hurley’s numbers mean?), but about the pressure to satisfy and surprise the shows fans that comes with concluding any popular television series. I am old enough to remember the end of M.A.S.H and the hubbub surrounding that shows final episode, including a run on army surplus stores for “M.A.S.H. party” supplies that has never been equaled, and who can forget how collectively let down viewers were by the final episode of Seinfeld? One of my personal favorite series endings comes from the HBO series Six Feet Under in which (spoiler alert!) the final scene shows how each of the shows characters will meet their ultimate demise. Ending a much beloved show can be tricky business, and for every great finale (see: The Sopranos, Cheers, The Fugative) there is an ill-conceived dud that tarnishes the overall assessment of some otherwise decent shows (see: Seinfeld, X-Files, St. Elsewhere). We will have to wait and see which side of this coin the LOST finale lands on.




I remember three "last episode" parties....M.A.S.H., Cheers and Seinfeld, and although I agree the latter finale was a big disappointment, I think the Seinfeld fete was the best---probably it was the food! Interesting that the 2010 Superbowl just replaced the M.A.S.H. finale as the most-watched TV event ever. I guess America loves a good Cinderella story. I hope the final season of LOST exceeds expectations of the obsessed!
that is a great movie. I am not wonder if you post it here!