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The documentary film Painters Painting: A Candid History of the New York Art Scene 1940-1970 is an excellent introduction to the ideas and inspirations behind the explosion of American, post-war art. Packed with rare and archival footage, the film is a who’s who of New York artists (Barnett Newman, Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Motherwell), all of whom are today considered transformative visionaries associated with the development of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. Emile de Antonio’s wonderful film will attract those both familiar with this highly influential time period in addition to younger artists whose works will undoubtedly be created within the shadow of these pioneer painters. Below is a clip from the film, featuring Barnett Newman discussing the problems of modern painting that he and his contemporaries sought to explore.


Painters painting [videorecording] : a candid history of the New York art scene, 1940-1970

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