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The Ugly Truth

A typical romantic comedy, this formulaic story of a man digging a woman who has eyes for someone else is pretty predictable:  they hook up in the end.   Starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, this story highlights and reiterates what confuses us about the opposite sex, but what makes us so attracted to them at the same time.  As Mike (Butler's character) says at one point, "Men are incapable of growth, change or progress. For men, self-improvement ends in toilet training".  And Abby, in all her naive glory believes she will find a man who loves sunsets, cats, and red wine.  While some reviews of this movie claim it demeans both Heigl and Butler, I found it a jovial diversion on a cold Michigan evening.  The library has it in both DVD and Blu-ray versions for your viewing enjoyment!


The Ugly Truth

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