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I love zombie movies.  I don’t care if the acting is bad or the budget is low, if a movie has zombies in it I’ll watch it.  Of course I was happy when AMC decided to produce a TV show based on the graphic novel The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead follows police officer Rick Grimes as he struggles to survive in world where society has collapsed due to a mysterious virus that turns people into zombies. The show has a good balance between character development and action.  The six-episode season seemed like tease to me—I can’t wait until season two starts in the fall.

If you’re not interested in investing time in a TV show, KPL has plenty of those zombie movies I like so much.  My favorite, Shaun of the Dead, is a funny movie made by people who share my love of zombie films.  If you’re interested in something a little scarier, there’s always 28 Days Later, Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle’s take on the genre.  And if camp and gore is what you want, give Dead Snow a try.


The Walking Dead


Great Movies of zombies, I like them a lottttt,
Thanks for sharing this movies coz I love ZOMBIES too. I like thos freaky and horror ones.
really cool and like it
Yeah ! I like this kind of movies and this story is little bit different.

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