Bunny and the Bull

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Bunny and the Bull is a trip into the imagination of Stephen who has agoraphobia and doesn't leave the apartment. The movie is scenes of Stephen now in his apartment and then we transform into scenes of his imagination. We see him going to bed and sleeping and next he's opening a door in the bed which he goes through and he is in Spain with his only friend Bunny (male) and they meet a girl who quits her job as a waitress and travels with them. Stephen has a crush on her and of course Bunny sleeps with her. Then we see Stephen crawling through the back of his sofa and into his living room. Bunny is outgoing and drags Stephen into things. The best line in the movie was from a Matador, he said "Much has been written about Bull fighting, but I can sum it up in one sentence -- Get out of the way of the Bull"  


Bunny and the Bull

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