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Attending Your Own Funeral

Seeing Robert Duvall's crazy hermit hair on the back of the DVD case for Get Low made me want to see this movie.  In Schneider's movie, Duvall has lived alone for 40 years in the Tennesses backwoods trying to pay penance for some past actions that are slowly revealed throughout the movie.  During those 40 years, the townspeople have passed along a lot of stories about what he has done and why he lives alone.  He has also become the destination for dares amongst the children who are afraid of him, but also intrigued by the mystery. 

Feeling his mortality, Duvall decides to commission a funeral party, but one which he will attend, alive.  Bill Murray, an owner of a funeral parlor, decides to make it happen.  The prickly and humorous interactions between Murray and Duvall are fun to watch. 


Get Low
Steve S


A Very good and touching film. The guilt with which Bush (Duvall) lives for what he thinks he is guilty of is very touching indeed. His love for Mary Lee and the point where he espaces the house on fire knowing that he cannot help Lee are very moving. On the whole a good movie to watch on a sunday afternoon.
I like it was funny and cute and weird