A Voyage Into the Cosmos!

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As a new year is upon us, and we all march onward indefinitely through time, I need to admit something both to myself and to the world; I have made a huge mistake in my life. Sure, we all make mistakes, but this is a big one. What is this mistake I'm speaking of? Well, best I just get it all out in the open. The mistake is...I had never actually watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos...until just a week or so ago.

Why is that such a terrible mistake? Well, if you're asking yourself that question, you must have never seen Cosmos yourself. In that case, I think you can deduce what needs to be done!

In all seriousness though, Cosmos is a brilliant mini-series on all things related to our world, our universe, and our own existence. Deep stuff, right? Of course it is. But, what makes Cosmos so great isn't merely the information it presents to the viewer (that is, of course, an important part). However, it's Sagan's ability to present this information in the most insightful, caring and humble manner that really allows the grandeur of the ideas presented to resonate deep within.

I've attended school practically all of my life, spent countless hours learning about the stars, planets, galaxies, etc., but I never felt like any of it really connected to me. None of it ever seemed as poetic or purposeful as the way Sagan is able to describe and explain it.

Amazing as it may seem, the TV series originally aired in 1980, but the show rarely feels dated. Sure, clothing styles have changed and technology has undergone massive improvements, but the majority of the material still feels fresh and current. It would seem that humanity continues to search for answers to the same questions, now over thirty years in the future.

In short, if you have any interest in this type of subject matter, this is a series that begs to be watched. The 13 one-hour episodes may seem daunting at first, but you'll soon find yourself so enthralled that you'll probably wish there were 13 more.

You can check out all 13 hours on just 7 DVDs, all in one package, at the downtown location. Plus, you can renew as many times as needed - as long as no one else wants what you've borrowed! So, sit back, open your mind, and prepare to take a trip on the "Spaceship of the imagination."


Cosmos [videorecording]

Posted by John Lawrence at 01/04/2012 03:16:56 PM | 


This is a wonderful program that like Sagan's, attempts to introduce some pretty complex subject matter with an earnest attempt at educating the lay person.
Posted by: Ryan ( Email ) at 1/4/2012 3:13 PM

Yeah, I just this past weekend had the opportunity to watch the new Fabric of the Cosmos mini-series. It's highly interesting stuff! Definitely shows how science is always pushing into new groundbreaking ideas of thought. I especially liked the episodes on space and time. Worth checking out!
Posted by: JohnL ( Email ) at 1/9/2012 1:38 PM

I agree John, inspiring populizer of science. It always gives me a smile when I think of Sagan: "billions and billions of years..."
Posted by: Matt S ( Email ) at 1/10/2012 9:22 AM

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