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There are many great songs to help little ones learn the ABC’s, but none will stick with you quite the same as Alphabutt; the title track of Kimya Dawson’s new alternative CD for children.  My children and I laughed all weekend, and I can’t stop humming it now…A is for Apple, B is for Butt!  Each track brings humor to the early parenting stages, that may seem difficult to endure at the time, but humorous in the end.  We all need to pause, sing and laugh about such topics as:  paying off our student loans, wiggling loose teeth, using the potty, being pregnant and waiting anxiously for the baby to move, nursing, and possibly having seven hungry tigers in our underwear drawer.  Give this CD a listen, if for nothing else, than to make yourself giggle!




Posted by Jill Lansky at 10/08/2008 03:35:36 PM | 

I get the magazine Paste which always has a music sampler CD in it. The Alphabutt song was the last on the CD and took us by surprise while we were in our car. Hayden and Sage just kind of froze and I could tell they couldn't really believe what they were hearing. When it ended, they both just made these funny faces of surprise. None of us knew what to think. Now we listen to it over and over again and laugh and laugh.
Posted by: Steve ( Email ) at 10/10/2008 4:21 PM

That sounds hilarious! My daughter will love this CD! I will definitely be picking up a copy. It is so nice when CDs/books/DVDs are made to entertain the parents as well as the children.
Posted by: baby nursery decor ( Email | Visit ) at 6/3/2009 4:53 PM

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