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Seventeen Years Later

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the death of singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain. Cobain led the early nineties Seattle band Nirvana from college rock radio obscurity to radio-friendly, mainstream fame. Their most successful album, Nevermind, has sold close to 30 million copies worldwide. Nevermind featured their hit single, Smells Like Teen Spirit, a song that became a generational anthem of sorts, embodying Generation X’s ennui and collective angst. Of local interest, the famous photograph of Cobain that appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine after his death was taken in Kalamazoo.




RIP Kurt, never forgoten. I was so upset when he died. Can't believe its nearly 17 years. I'm getting old now. :-/
I was 17 when I saw him at Wings in Kalamazoo.
Nirvana's "Nevermind" album changed my life. Wow how life has gone by so fast 20 years later
I remember being outside of my small town public library in Nebraska, when I was 10. A kid in my class had a set of headphones with Nirvana playing... I heard it for the first time and I was literally scared out of my mind. My parents never let me listen to anything much. Now I am a professional drummer and love Nirvana -- funny how perspectives can change. There will never be another...
17 years ago! wow time has gone by fast. I was just starting college when Nirvana and Grunge were in its prime. (I'm 35 now!)