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Concert Webcasts: 2009


Highlights of Past Performances

Since June 2008, Kalamazoo Public Library—long recognized for its excellence in programming—has provided patrons with a monthly series of unique, intimate concert performances featuring local and nationally recognized artists from a variety of musical genres.

With the kind consent of the artists, many of these unique events have been preserved in the form of video, audio, photographs and commentary.

Visit KPL’s YouTube channel for more vintage clips from our archives, and KPL’s Flickr photostream for great photos of library events.

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Archived Performances from 2009

(Not all formats are available for every performance.)

Lloyd and the Fellas

Show #23. December 16, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Lloyd and the Fellas

A journey through varied sounds: jumpy banjo-y joyful songs; tunes for healing; aching songs that swell with unhurried intensity.

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Southern Straight Singers

Show #22. November 21, 2009, Central Library

Michigan Festival of Sacred Music: Southern Straight Singers

Native American Pow Wow music and dance representing sacred and social traditions of the People of the Three Fires.

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Nervous But Excited

Show #21. November 18, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Nervous But Excited

A pleasantly aggressive folk duo: two songwriters, two singers, two guitars, a mandolin, a violin, and a few harmonicas.

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Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart

Show #20. November 1, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart

Nationally known singer/songwriters share the diaries of their life good times and bad in this special one-off performance at KPL.

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Blue Moon Blues Band

Show #19. October 21, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Blue Moon Blues Band

Six West Michigan musicians mix Saturday night’s roadhouse gut bucket blues with soulful harmonies and foot stomping R&B.

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Eastern Blok

Show #18. September 16, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Eastern Blok

Pan-cultural ensemble blends classical and jazz music with the rich folkloric traditions of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

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Dooley Noted

Show #17. August 19, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Dooley Noted

The sultry, bluesy vocals and quick guitar playing of Megan Dooley, backed by Stacy Koviak, Chris Miroslaw, and Tommy Ufkis.

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Mark Duval and Two-Track Mind

Show #16. July 15, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Mark Duval and Two-Track Mind

Quietly haunting fingerstyle-guitar folk ballads, rhythm-driven latin dance grooves, alt-country waltzes and smoky blues riffs.

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Thomas Meglioranza

Show #15. July 14, 2009, Central Library

Fontana Chamber Arts @kpl: Thomas Meglioranza: The Art of Singing

Baritone Thomas Meglioranza used musical examples to demonstrate how text and poetry affect musical interpretation.

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Shout Sister Shout

Show #14. June 17, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Shout Sister Shout

Rachael Davis and the boys from Steppin’ In It found a common love for jazz music of the 1930s and ‘40s.

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Joe Nolan

Show #13. June 5, 2009, Central Library

Art Hop @kpl: Joe Nolan

Singer songwriter Joe Nolan plays on the Central Library portico in this special Art Hop performance.

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Show #12. May 13, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Millish

A champion fiddler, award-winning percussionist, world champion piper, national champion bassist, and an extraordinary guitarist.

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Who Hit John?

Show #11. April 29, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Who Hit John?

Rawkus fiddle tunes, dirty southern blues, and high lonesome bluegrass serenades in the tradition of American roots music.

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Mark Sahlgren and Friends

Show #10. March 11, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Mark Sahlgren and Friends

Sahlgren, co-host of WMUK’s Grassroots, discusses his collection of vintage Gibson guitars in a celebration of music from the South.

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Peter Mulvey

Show #9. February 18, 2009, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Peter Mulvey

A highly acclaimed, nationally known singer-songwriter who thrills audiences and critics with his amazing guitar playing and lyrics.

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The Greater Kalamazoo Dixieland Society Jazz Band

Show #8. January 14, 2009, Central Library

Live @kpl: The Greater Kalamazoo Dixieland Society Jazz Band

Born out of a love for early traditional jazz and ragtime, and known for its New Orleans performance style and sound.

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