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Concert Webcasts: 2011


Highlights of Past Performances

Since June 2008, Kalamazoo Public Library—long recognized for its excellence in programming—has provided patrons with a monthly series of unique, intimate concert performances featuring local and nationally recognized artists from a variety of musical genres.

With the kind consent of the artists, many of these unique events have been preserved in the form of video, audio, photographs and commentary.

Visit KPL’s YouTube channel for more vintage clips from our archives, and KPL’s Flickr photostream for great photos of library events.

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Archived Performances from 2011

(Not all formats are available for every performance.)

Shelagh Brown

Show #59. December 14, 2011, Central Library

In Concert: Shelagh Brown

Award-winning singer/songwriter Shelagh Brown at Central Library, Wednesday, December 14, 2011.

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Jeff Dwarshuis

Show #58. December 2, 2011, Central Library

Art Hop @kpl: Jeff Dwarshuis

Classical guitarist Jeff Dwarshuis at Central Library during the December 2011 Art Hop.

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Sacred Flutes: Juan Manuel Cruz and Michael Chikuzen Gould

Show #57. November 19, 2011, Central Library

Michigan Festival of Sacred Music @ Central Library

Sacred Flutes: Michael Chikuzen Gould, shakuhachi, and Juan Manuel Cruz, Native American flute.

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Midnight Cattle Callers

Show #56. November 16, 2011, Central Library

In Concert @ Central Library: Midnight Cattle Callers

A Grand Rapids-based old-time, country, bluegrass, swing six-piece that epitomizes the sound of a simpler time.

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Gifts or Creatures

Show #55. October 19, 2011, Central Library

In Concert @ Central Library: Gifts or Creatures

Husband-wife duo Brandon and Bethany Foote, with a little help from some very good friends.

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Joe Wang and the Test Pilots

Show #54. September 21, 2011, Central Library

In Concert @ Central Library: Joe Wang and the Test Pilots

“Album oriented power pop for people with a brain” from Joe Wang and the Test Pilots at KPL’s 54th free live concert.

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The Verve Pipe

Show #53. August 28, 2011, Bronson Park

Family Concert in Bronson Park: The Verve Pipe

KPL’s end-of-summer concert featuring The Verve Pipe, with songs from A Family Album.

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Graham Parsons & the Go-Rounds

Show #52. August 17, 2011, Central Library

In Concert @ Central Library: Graham Parsons & the Go-Rounds

Funk and folk, rock and roots music; Graham Parsons & the Go-Rounds at Central Library.

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Joe Reilly

Show #51. August 3, 2011, Oshtemo Township Park

Outdoor Picnic Concert at Oshtemo Branch Library: Joe Reilly

“Let’s Go Outside,” a family picnic concert at Oshtemo Township Park near the Oshtemo Branch Library.

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Steppin’ In It

Show #50. July 20, 2011, Central Library

In Concert @ Central Library: Steppin’ In It

KPL celebrated its 50th free concert with old-time country, swing and blues from the band that started it all!

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BMF Band

Show #49. June 15, 2011, Central Library

In Concert @ Central Library: BMF Band

Barn-burning, high-octane blues, classic soul, R&B hits, and inspired originals from Bryan Michael Fischer and the band at Central Library.

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Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street

Show #48. June 3, 2011, Central Library

Art Hop @ Central Library: Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street

Deep, acoustic, swampy, rootsy, woody, quirky, living, breathing blues for a special June Art Hop concert at Central Library.

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An Dro 

Show #47. May 18, 2011, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: An Dro

Traditional acoustic music with a creative twist. From traditional Irish melodies to African grooves and jazz.

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Earth Week Celebration 

Show #46. April 23, 2011, Oshtemo Branch Library

Live Music @kpl: Earthwork Music Collective

Musicians from the Earthwork Music Collective celebrate Earth Day at Oshtemo Branch Library.

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Delilah DeWylde and the Lost Boys 

Show #45. April 20, 2011, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Delilah DeWylde and the Lost Boys

Marching to the country shuffle of a bygone era; before country sounded like rock and roll with fiddle.

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Richard Shindell 

Show #44. March 15, 2011, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Richard Shindell

A master of American roots music, Richard Shindell made a special appearance at Central Library.

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Neil Jacobs 

Show #43. March 4, 2011, Central Library

Art Hop @kpl: Neil Jacobs

A virtuoso on the 12-string guitar, Neil Jacobs performed at Central Library during the March 2011 Art Hop.

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Jim Gill’s Family Room Tour 

Show #42. February 16, 2011, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Jim Gill’s Family Room Tour

Jim Gill brought his Family Room Tour to Kalamazoo Public Library for an evening of singing, dancing and family fun.

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The Hired Hands Band

Show #41. February 9, 2011, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: The Hired Hands Band

An acoustic ensemble that draws from a salty mix of musical interests; “Honestly Americana.”

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Orpheum Bell

Show #40. January 12, 2011, Central Library

Live Music @kpl: Orpheum Bell

An original “Country & Eastern” songbook of lullabies, stomps, dirt-road ballads, and gypsy suites.

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