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Concert Webcasts: 2012


Highlights of Past Performances

Since June 2008, Kalamazoo Public Library—long recognized for its excellence in programming—has provided patrons with a monthly series of unique, intimate concert performances featuring local and nationally recognized artists from a variety of musical genres.

With the kind consent of the artists, many of these unique events have been preserved in the form of video, audio, photographs and commentary.

Visit KPL’s YouTube channel for more vintage clips from our archives, and KPL’s Flickr photostream for great photos of library events.

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Archived Performances from 2012

(Not all formats are available for every performance.)

Jamie-Sue Seal & John Latini

Show #72. December 19, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: Jamie-Sue Seal & John Latini

A special holiday concert of roots, jazz standards and blues, with classic and original holiday and winter-themed songs.

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Ken Morgan Jazz Unit

Show #71. December 11, 2012, Oshtemo Branch Library

In Concert: Ken Morgan Jazz Unit

An evening of great live jazz with Ken Morgan on saxophones and flute, pianist Terry Lower, and bassist Jon Wegge.

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Show #70. October 12, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: glowfriends

Kalamazoo’s own indie shoegaze group returns to KPL in support of the new album, All Things Made New!

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Elden Kelly & Carolyn Koebel

Show #69. September 19, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: Elden Kelly & Carolyn Koebel

This month's concert features virtuoso guitarist Elden Kelly and percussionist extraordinaire Carloyn Koebel.

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Show #68. August 25, 2012, Bronson Park

In Concert: Milkshake!

KPL brought Summer Reading 2012 to a lively close with a high-energy set from the Baltimore-based Milkshake trio.

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The Relations

Show #67. July 18, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: The Relations

A unique blend of original pop music in support of songwriter Bill Caskey’s full-length CD release “Dymaxion Mothership.”

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The Red Sea Pedestrians

Show #66. June 13, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: The Red Sea Pedestrians

One-of-a-kind, full-blown, instrument-swapping fusion between tradition and the here-and-now. Their third KPL performance!

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Wally Pleasant

Show #65. May 16, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: Wally Pleasant

The quintessential every man who uses humor to pull the listener in and irony and sincerity to provoke thought and warm the heart.

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Earth Day Concert: Earthwork Music collective

Show #64. April 21, 2012, Oshtemo Branch Library

Earth Day Concert: Earthwork Music collective

Seth Bernard and May Erlewine, Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo, Rachael and Dominic Davis, Sam Corbin, and others.

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Red Tail Ring: Michael Beauchamp & Laurel Premo

Show #63. April 18, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: Red Tail Ring

Red Tail Ring (Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo) return to KPL with a whole bunch of great new material.

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Banda Sierra Negra

Show #62. March 21, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: Sierra Negra

Grand Rapids based Sierra Negra brought its extensive repertoire of Latin styles to KPL for a special Reading Together concert event.

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Jerome Holloway

Show #61. February 15, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: Jerome Holloway

A Kalamazoo-born Chicago artist who “combines soulful vocal melodies with thoughtful folk arrangements and rock influences.”

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The Mickeys

Show #60. January 18, 2012, Central Library

In Concert: The Mickeys

Identical twins Amy Sherman and Julie Peebles front a West Michigan-based acoustic foursome known as the Mickeys.

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