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Concert Archives 2013


Intimate Concert Performances

Since June 2008, Kalamazoo Public Library—long recognized for its excellence in programming—has provided patrons with a monthly series of unique, intimate concert performances featuring local and nationally recognized artists from a variety of musical genres.

With the kind consent of the artists, many of these unique events have been preserved in the form of video, audio, photographs and commentary.

Visit KPL’s YouTube channel for more vintage clips from our archives, and KPL’s Flickr photostream for great photos of library events.

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Archived Performances from 2013

(Not all formats are available for every performance.)

Ken Morgan Jazz Unit

Show #86. December 4, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: Ken Morgan Jazz Unit

Another evening of great live jazz with local favorites, the Ken Morgan Jazz Unit, featuring Ken Morgan on saxophones and flute.

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Show #85. November 13, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: Samite

World-renowned musician from Uganda in a solo vocal performance at Central Library, accompanied by the kalimba, marimba, litungu, and various flutes.

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Sons of the Three Fires

Show #84. November 9, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: Sons of the Three Fires

Native American group Sons of the Three Fires (Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi) demonstrate their music and heritage at Central Library, including a Veterans Song, Inter-Tribal dances and more.

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Andru Bemis

Show #83. October 16, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: Andru Bemis

West Michigan folk musician Andru Bemis is a “traditionalist with a fresh approach... a modern troubadour with deep respect for the roots of his craft.”

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Chris Richards + the Subtractions

Show #82. September 18, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: Chris Richards + the Subtractions

Detroit power pop trio Chris Richards + the Subtractions (singer/songwriter Chris Richards, bassist Todd Holmes, and drummer Larry Grodsky) rocked Central Library.

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Gifts or Creatures

Show #81. August 21, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: Gifts or Creatures

Gifts or Creatures, led by Brandon and Bethany Foote, returned to Central Library with a full six-piece band in support of their upcoming new record, Yesteryear Western Darkness.

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Jim Gill

Show #80. July 11, 2013, Oshtemo Township Park

Family Concert: Jim Gill

More than 400(!) enjoyed a beautiful evening of music, dancing, sing-along songs, and play at the Oshtemo Township Park, next door to the Oshtemo Branch Library.

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Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers

Show #79 (part 2). June 8, 2013, Central Library (outdoors)

June Jubilee Concert: Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers

Sublime folk tinged with Motown, funk, and pop. Joe & Co. were the centerpiece of a fun-in-the-sun party that served as the official kick-off of the 2013 KPL Summer Reading Program.

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Dunuya Drum and Dance

Show #79 (part 1). June 8, 2013, Central Library (outdoors)

June Jubilee Concert: Dunuya Drum and Dance

Dunuya Drum and Dance, a global drumming collective presenting music of Africa and the Caribbean, kicked off the 2013 KPL Summer Reading party outside Central Library.

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The Crane Wives

Show #78. May 15, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: The Crane Wives

Five-piece indie-folk band from Grand Rapids with an intensely loyal following. Three-part vocal harmonies, eclectic instrumentation, and a knack for dynamics; accessible and innovative.

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Earth Day Concert: Earthwork Music collective

Show #77. April 20, 2013, Oshtemo Branch Library

Earth Day Concert: Earthwork Music collective

Seth Bernard, May Erlewine, Michael Beauchamp, Laurel Premo, Graham A. Parsons, Elisabeth Pixley-Fink, Ian Gorman, Dede Alderman, Darlene, Gifts or Creatures, and others. 

video | mp3 audio: set 1 set 2 | photos | reviews | artist info


BenJammin and Analisa Gauthier

Show #76. April 6, 2013, Central Library

Family Concert: BenJammin and Analisa Gauthier 

BenJammin and Analisa Gauthier give kids a chance to move, play and sing along with educational music. This was a fun addition to KPL’s regular monthly First Saturday activities! 

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Neil Jacobs

Show #75. March 20, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: Neil Jacobs

Neil pushes the limits of the acoustic 12-string guitar as he fuses Gypsy, Celtic, Balkan, and Classical influences into new American music; Central Library, March 20, 2013. 

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Keith Hall and Mike Jellick

Show #74. February 20, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: Keith Hall and Mike Jellick

Detroit-based pianist Mike Jellick joined drummer extraordinaire and WMU jazz instructor Keith Hall for an evening of great live jazz at KPL, Wednesday, February 20, 2013. 

video | mp3 audio | photos | reviews | artist info: Keith Hall | Mike Jellick   


The Danemans

Show #73. January 16, 2013, Central Library

In Concert: The Danemans

Great “world-class” live jazz featuring Ashley Gonzalez Daneman, voice; Benje Daneman, trumpet; Jeremy Siskind, piano; Tom Knific, bass; and Christian Euman, drums. 

video | mp3 audio | photos | reviews | artist info: Ashley Daneman | Benje Daneman   



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