Concert Webcasts: 2015

Past Performances

Since June 2008, Kalamazoo Public Library—long recognized for its excellence in programming—has provided patrons with a monthly series of unique, intimate concert performances featuring local and nationally recognized artists from a variety of musical genres.

With the kind consent of the artists, many of these unique events have been preserved in the form of video, audio, photographs and commentary.

Visit KPL’s YouTube channel for more vintage clips from our archives, and KPL’s Flickr photostream for great photos of library events.

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Archived Performances from 2015

(Not all formats will be available for every performance.)

December 31, 2015, Central Library

New Year’s Fest 2015: An Dro

A New Year's Fest performance by An Dro, featuring Michele Venegas on fiddle, Jim Spalink on bouzouki and hurdy gurdy, Carolyn Koebel on percussion, and guest Cara Lieurance on accordion and flute/whistle.

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Show #107. December 9, 2015, Central Library

Loving This Earth: Environmental Music & Poetry w/ Ken Morgan

An original music and poetry performance featured the artistry of four well-known Michigan musicians; Ken Morgan, woodwinds; Carolyn Koebel, percussion; Elden Kelly, guitar & Jim Cooper, vibraphone.

video | mp3 audio | photos | reviews | artist info: Carolyn Koebel, Elden Kelly, Jim Cooper


Show #106. November 7, 2015, Central Library

Michigan Festival of Sacred Music: HuDost

“HuDost has them dancing in the aisles at Day 3 of the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music.” ~MFSM. HuDost (Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines) blend rock with traditional Sufi music, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian and Balkan folk music.

video | mp3 audio | photos | reviews | artist info: HuDost |  Michigan Festival of Sacred Music


October 24, 2015, Central Library

Fontana Crybaby Concert: The Park Street Saxophone Quartet

A free mini-concert for preschool children and their caregivers, sponsored by Fontana Chamber Arts. This performance featured The Park Street Saxophone Quartet w/ Dave Saunders, Sandra Shaw, Mark Greer, and Dave McCourry.

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Show #105. October 21, 2015, Central Library

Mark Sahlgren & Darcy Wilkin

WMUK Grass Roots hosts Mark Sahlgren and Darcy Wilkin perform an evening of roots and Americana. Mark is a Community Medal of Arts Award recipient; Darcy is an accomplished instructor, musician, and a founding member of The Corn Fed Girls.

video | mp3 audio | photos | reviews | artist info: Mark Sahlgren | Darcy Wilkin


Show #104. September 16, 2015, Central Library

In Concert: The Nashon Holloway Band

Award-winning independent artist Nashon Holloway brought along her full band, including keyboardist Rufus Ferguson, guitarist Bryan Blowers, bassist Neal Conway, and drummer Keith Hall, with a special guest appearance by Jerome Holloway.

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Show #103. August 4, 2015, Eastwood Branch Library

Jazz Performance: In The Tradition

Detroit based In The Tradition, “the world’s foremost African centered jazz group,” focuses on African rhythms, creating a unique mixture of jazz and African rhythms while remaining true to the bebop tradition.

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Show #102. July 9, 2015, Oshtemo Township Park

Family Concert: Jim Gill

The ultimate family play performer, Jim Gill returned to Kalamazoo for an outdoor, evening performance at Oshtemo Township Park. Blankets and lawn chairs were all around as kids and adults got to move, laugh, and play together!

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Show #101. June 11, 2015, Central Library

Family Concert: “Mr. Eric” Litwin

Eric Litwin (“Mr. Eric”) is a guitar strumming, book writing, harmonica blowing, song singing, folksy, fun type of guy. The New York Times bestselling author visited Kalamazoo in June for a couple of standing-room-only family shows.

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Show #100. May 27, 2015, Central Library

In Concert: The Moxie Strings

An electrifying combination of fiddler, Diana Ladio, and cellist, Alison Lynn, with percussionist Fritz McGirr. Their feel-good melodies and foot-stomping, rock-influenced rhythms put a fresh, enticing spin on Celtic and Americana music.

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Show #99. April 25, 2015, Oshtemo Branch Library

Earth Day Celebration: Earthwork Music Artists

A family-friendly showcase of Michigan musicians; Red Tail Ring (Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo), Gifts or Creatures (Brandon and Bethany Foote), Joe Reilly, Max Lockwood, Dede Alderman, Samantha Cooper, and Caitlin Rose.

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April 18, 2015, Central Library

Fontana Crybaby Concert: Gemini

A free mini-concert sponsored by Fontana Chamber Arts, specially designed for preschool children and their caregivers. This performance featured twin brother musicians San and Laz Slomovits, otherwise known as Gemini.

video | mp3 audio | photos | reviews | artist info: Gemini | Fontana Chamber Arts


Show #98. March 18, 2015, Central Library

In Concert: Whiskey Before Breakfast

Music from the Celtic tradition including jigs, reels, hornpipes and all manner tunes and songs. Their approach to the music is clear and simple—very roots-oriented and steeped in tradition. Another in KPL's ongoing live concert series.

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Art Hop. March 6, 2015, Central Library

Great Lakes Grass

Part of 2015 Reading Together programming celebrating The Living Great Lakes by Jerry Dennis, March Art Hop featured handmade ceramics by Grayling Ceramics, artwork by Glenn Wolff, and music by Great Lakes Grass.

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Show #97. February 18, 2015, Central Library

In Concert: Olivia Mainville

“An eclectic blend of indie-folk sounds, laden with infectious hooks, foot tapping rhythms, and memorable harmonies” in a performance at Central Library, February 18, 2015 - part of KPL's ongoing live concert series.

video | mp3 audio | photos | reviews | artist info


Show #96. January 21, 2015, Central Library

In Concert: Acclarion

Acclarion (accordionist David Carovillano and clarinetist Becky Sajo-Carovillano, Canada’s premier accordion and clarinet ensemble) gave an intimate performance at Central Library, January 21, 2015 - part of KPL's ongoing live concert series.

video | mp3 audio | photos | reviews | artist info


“We just saw the YouTube video of our performance at the library. It looks awesome - thanks so much!
— Becky & David Carovillano



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