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Kalamazoo boasts a rich musical heritage. Its the birthplace of Gibson guitars. Its the hometown of Motown legends the Velvelettes. Its the central location of the world-renowned Gilmore Keyboard Festival. Glenn Miller made the city famous with his orchestras hit rendition of Ive Got a Gal in Kalamazoo. World-famous musicians have graced Kalamazoo stages large and small for decades. No wonder, then, that the local musicians who make Kalamazoo their stomping grounds produce songs and sounds of a very high quality.

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New Local Music on CD - 2010

Edible Audibles by Dooley Noted Edible Audibles
Dooley Noted
An eclectic mix of blues, jazz, rock and folk... Dooley Noted consists of four amazing musicians playing an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, rock and folk. Together they create a mix of sounds that can only be described as goooooood tunage.” 
Folk Tales by  Folk Tales
The Los Angeles Times calls Eastern Blok’s music “relentlessly innovative work.” Extraordinary pan-cultural ensemble effortlessly blends classical and jazz music with the rich folkloric traditions of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia.
Fool Rooster by Joshua Davis Fool Rooster
Joshua Davis
After six years and three albums as the primary songwriter and vocalist of the Michigan quartet "Steppin' In It", Joshua Davis has tracked his first solo record Fool Rooster in the spring of 2005. The album is a collection of original compositions, many with longtime collaborator and lyricist Aaron Allen. Recorded entirely live and in a few short days, the songs are placed in a modest setting with little attention to detail, leaving listeners convinced they were written about their own lives.
Millish by Millish Millish
Frank Zappa once stated, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." Rather than attempt to describe Millish's music, it would be more worthwhile to cite the musical ingredients that create their music. Millish is comprised of State Champion bluegrass fiddler Brad Phillips, National Award-winning jazz percussionist Mike Shimmin, World Champion Uilleann piper Tyler Duncan, and blazingly inventive acoustic guitarist Jesse Lee Mason, all of whom share an active interest in jazz. Never forcing a preconcieved notion of "fusion," the band has let their music coalesce over the past four years, and it's already turning heads worldwide. Their debut album earned them an International Acoustic Music Award - before it was even released.
{Home}Spun by nervous but excited {Home}Spun
nervous but excited
{home}spun is the essence of nervous but excited: live, alive and lively.recorded in in rich, high quality in an old wooden house in ann arbor, michigan, with a select, intimate crowd, this 54 minute collection of songs and stories captures kate and sarah at their most comfortable. their charming and funny qualities shine throughout the dead-on harmonies, finely-crafted songwriting and diverse instrumental arrangements.sing-a-longs, syncopated clapping and choreography, it's all there. home{spun} includes 3 previously unrecorded originals, several fan favorites, and 2 highly demanded covers, Libby Kirkpatricks Crying and Wycelf Jean’s Sweetest Girl.this just might be a live album like you haven’t heard yet. we hope it will leave you feeling like a part of it all.
once more... with feeling by nervous but excited once more... with feeling
nervous but excited
Once More... With Feeling is the first studio album by Nervous but Excited. Their intention while recording this album was to capture the raw connectedness that is their songwriting, while keeping the light-hearted flare that is their live performance. Recorded mostly in their Lansing, MI home, this album captures the comfort of the space.

New Local Music on CD - 2009

Antebellum Queens  by Rachael Davis Antebellum Queens
Rachael Davis
Davis’ first solo release since returning to Michigan after decorating her career as an award-winning singer-songwriter in Boston. With a voice of the most beautiful color you’ve never seen, Rachael is equally at home singing Gospel, Bluegrass, Jazz or Blues. 
Two-Track Mind  by Mark Duval Two-Track Mind
Mark Duval
“Two-Track Mind” (2007) was nominated for “Best new folk album of 2007” by WYCE in Grand Rapids. The production is sparse, earthy, organic, and intimate, alternating between folk and roots rock, and using banjo, violin, cello, organ, harmonica, trumpet and slide guitar to create a unique atmosphere for each song.  
Rhythm of the Rustbelt  by Mark Duval Rhythm of the Rustbelt
Mark Duval
In the spring of 2006, Mark Duval emerged in Southwest Michigan from a 10-year musical hibernation with “Rhythm of the Rustbelt”, his brilliant debut album, described by reviewer Dustin Walsh of Creem Magazine as “...the soundtrack to a summer sunrise over a dusty, forlorn Route 66.”
Cool, Cool River  by Blue Moon Blues Band Cool, Cool River
Blue Moon Blues Band
The band’s third CD “Cool, Cool River” released in 2007, found The Blue Moon Blues Band receiving even more attention. With their deeply soulful singing, impressive harmonies and unsurpassed musicianship, The Blue Moon Blues Band won a Grand Rapids based WYCE radio “Jammie” for best local blues album debut!
Cornstar by Corn Fed Girls Cornstar
Corn Fed Girls
The Corn Fed Girls can best be described with a simple statement: Heartwarming acoustic music with enduring themes that capture the imagination and fill the soul. They possess a unique ability to inject their live show with humor while performing original songs that simultaneously challenge and comfort the listener.
(Demonstration) by New Real People (Demonstration)
New Real People
New Real People are a trio; the latest musical offering from Leppotone Electrical Recordings. New Real People are three guys who have been playing music together for a long time in various combinations and incarnations. These groups include Detroit garage sensations Fortune and Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers, as well as Michigan regional favorites The Sinatras, The Sleestacks, Twister and Goldstar.
A Lesson in Cartography by Red Sea Pedestrians A Lesson in Cartography
Red Sea Pedestrians
The Red Sea Pedestrians are a one-of-a-kind, full-blown, instrument-swapping fusion between tradition and the here-and-now. We’re talkin’ high-energy world-beat grooves, hypnotic laments from the earth, songs of celebration and wonder: a warped and beautiful blend of Klezmer, Greek, Gypsy, Celtic, Jazz and American Roots, all filtered through the band’s original vision.
Old Gray Road  by Who Hit John? Old Gray Road
Who Hit John?
Who Hit John's? first album, “Old Gray Road,” was nominated for three "88.1 WYCE Jammy Awards" and sold more than 500 copies. Who Hit John? have been performing, jamming and busking around southwest Michigan since 2006. They've brought their energetic and original sound to bars, basements, street corners, concert halls - Anywhere they can get folks stompin', singin' and clappin'. Joined together by a love for acoustic music and its vibrant scene in Michigan, this derelict group of misfits and prophets are intent on taking the world by storm, one song at a time.
My Northern Voices by Michael Beauchamp My Northern Voices
Michael Beauchamp
With his powerful voice and mournful guitar licks, Michael Beauchamp spins beautifully melodic yarns about lost love, discovery, and the playful allure of live music. Beauchamp (pronounced bow as in bow-and-arrow, and shamp as in shampoo without the -oo) is a native of Kalamazoo. He is part of the vibrant and growing Michigan music scene as a member of the Earthwork Music Collective - many of whose members (including the band Breathe Owl Breathe) helped him produce his debut solo album, My Northern Voices, released in 2008.
Along the Way by Fonn Mór Along the Way
Fonn Mór
With a strong instrumental and percussive base, Fonn Mor successfully blends traditional Celtic folk with a variety of other cross-cultural and rock influences. Energetic melodies from fiddle, accordion, and flute are backed by explosive Afro-Celtic percussion and driving guitars to create a whole new sound with elements of old Ireland and Scotland. Their signature CD won two WYCE (West Michigan) Jammie Awards on 2/5/02 - Best World Music CD & Best CD of the Year. Their follow-up album, Fragment, was recently named Best World Music CD of 2003. Their latest and highly anticipated CD, Along The Way, released in March 2007, features Fonn Mor's current lineup of talented musicians.

New Local Music on CD - 2008

Philosophers Everywhere You Go  by Ian Gorman Philosophers Everywhere You Go
Ian Gorman
Musician, recording engineer, promoter, festival organizer, late-sleeper, artificial-turf-hater, and long-distance-driver, IAn Gorman plays solo as a singer/songwriter, as well as in the bands Who Hit John? and The Red Sea Pedestrians. Current board member of the Great Lakes Acoustic Music Association, and former board member of the Folk Alliance Region Midwest.
Robots Gone Wild by Mondale Robots Gone Wild
After almost a year of recording, mixing, editing and mastering Mondale's 2nd full-length album, "Robots Gone Wild!" has finally arrived.
A Farewell to Fair-Weather  by Glowfriends A Farewell to Fair-Weather
Mark and April are brother and sister, Mark is married to Holly, and JW is married to Jenn. We're all one big happy family.
Live at Bell's by Greensky Bluegrass Live at Bell's
Greensky Bluegrass
GREENSKY BLUEGRASS is one of the most exciting bands in today’s music scene. Like a breath of fresh air, this five piece band plays traditional bluegrass instruments and uses them to create original songs and soundscapes that are unique and new, yet somehow feel comfortable and familiar. Though they have been likened to ‘70s era Americana acts like The Band, Greensky would prefer not to be compared to any other bands. “We really just try to make music as a group that sounds and feels right to us”, says mandolin player Paul Hoffman, later adding that “it is nice to know that other people really dig it, too.”
All the Time by So So Leo All the Time
So So Leo